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Guides to Navigate Your Financial Future

A Unique Team Approach to Wealth Management


In the complex world of finance few choose to travel the path to financial success alone. Waypoint Financial Partners is a team of professional advisors with more than 200 years of combined experience guiding clients through their financial decision making. With more than 1.80 billion dollars in assets under management, we serve thousands of clients from our seven Tennessee office locations with their individual and business planning needs.


Do I have enough to retire? How do I turn my assets into income? Am I saving enough...and in the right place? Is my family adequately protected? How do I transition my business? What if......? All those questions bring us to a waypoint in our financial journey, a place of decision. It’s a crossroad you should not navigate alone. Through our planning processes your Waypoint guide helps you define your financial goals and assess your current efforts in achieving them. Together, we will develop a strategy and navigate the maze of financial products to provide recommendations for you.

Your Financial Future

We fully recognize that your goals and dreams are unique to you. We embrace the responsibility of guiding people to be the very best stewards of the assets they have and those they accumulate along the way. Our commitment to every client is to give individual attention and objective guidance, regardless of net worth or stage of life. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and confidence that you are on the right path toward to a successful financial future.